Newer, stronger Vaccine developed in late 2009

One of the huge problems is sanitation.   In parts of India and other countries, open defecation is common practice.  These are in rural, poor areas where the understanding of sanitation is not well understood.

As a result, children are bombarded with all kinds of bacteria and virus on a daily basis.  Their immune systems are working overtime to fight off the bugs.  If they are having stomach problem and throwing up when the vaccine is given, it will quickly be flushed out of the body before it can become effective.  These kids can then still become infected with Polio.

In late 2009, a new vaccine that is twice as strong as the old version was approved for use.  The results have been startling and the polio case counts in 2010 are way down from 2009.

And the cases are down 36% in 2011 from 2010.   With only one case in India in 2011, at the early part of the year, the results speak for themselves. 

A combination of a stronger vaccination program, better vaccines and more money to keep it going means that we are extremely close to eradicating polio once and for all.   We're almost there.

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